Friday, July 5, 2013

New Format coming soon/ Vero Beach Preview

I am working on the new format for my blog. It should be set up before Romance Writers of America National Conference. I've read all the advice that a blog should have a "theme" or be geared to a particular audience but I don't think that is going to be my style. I tend to be a bit eclectic and jump from thing to thing so this blog will do that too.

This blog may have some occasional writing posts (especially since I am attending RWA National this year)  but will not be a writing blog. There are enough writers with excellent blog about writing processes, writing experience and writing advice. I will do a future post on my favorite writing sites.

What this blog will have:

  • Walt Disney World  posts and pictures as well as other Central FL family spots. Disney is a passion for me and my family. I also love to talk Disney. If you like to talk Disney, come visit us at INTERCOT. It is the best Disney discussion boards around. No drama , just fun..
  • My experience trying to get fit and getting my family on a "clean eating" plan.
  • Crazy experiences from my home and the wild things my kids say.
  • Anything that sparks my interest.

Vero Beach Preview

Here are a few pictures to preview my Vero Beach resort post. My family decide to skip WDW for one of or long weekends and head to the beach for a less go go and more relaxation.We had to get our Disney in  so we chose Disney's Vero Beach Resort. It is a beautiful resort, direct on the Atlantic, with lots of activities for the whole family.

Panoramic shot of the beach with the resort on the left.

Early morning on the beach. No one was out yet except me and the cast members setting up the beach for the day.

Disney Sign Posts.

And what would a trip to a Disney resort be without characters? We had great fun with Pirate Donald!