Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting ready for RWA 2011

It's five days until I leave for the Romance Writers of America national conference in New York and I have to admit I am not ready. I still need to:
  • Plan which workshops to attend
  • Decide what clothes to bring and do more shopping
  • Arrange airport transportation
  • Decide on sightseeing plans
I have:
  • Scheduled my volunteer activity
  • Scheduled my editor appointment
  • Scheduled mani/pedi and hair appointments
  • Worked on my pitch
  • Set conference goals
Last year's conference was at Walt Disney World, so I combined it with a family vacation. It was a great time and started my love affair with the Yacht Club/Beach Club resort area, but combining a conference with family time did leave less time to enjoy the conference.

This year the conference is in NYC . I will be attending without family and with a friend from my old chapter. I am really looking forward to it.

This year's goals so far are:
  • Meeting at least 4 people I didn't know before the conference or only knew from a social networking site
  • Attend at least one craft workshop that enhances my writing skills
  • Socialize
  • Visit something unique to NYC
I'm looking forward to a great time.

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