Friday, March 2, 2012

Up All Night For Real - One More Disney Day

In January when One More Disney Day was announced, I thought it was kind of silly.  Why would I want to go to the Magic Kingdom just because it was going to be open for 24 hours straight. There were sure to be hordes of people. But as the date approached, I started to really, really get the urge to go. I hadn't gone to the 40th anniversary at MK and this was an opportunity to go to something that might never happen again. After everyone in my family turned me down, I found a like minded Disney friend. We weren't crazy enough to stay the whole 24 hours, but we were going to after work and stay as long as we could.

When we arrived at around 8 pm, it was much more crowded than we expected, but before long we were welcomed to the special occasion. After a bit of a line we got our pin and schedule.

The park was moderately crowded especially along Main Street as the Magic, Memories and You! show had just finished and the parade was getting ready to start. To ease the traffic flow, the back stage areas were opened up and we got to cut through them and came out right after the Plaza Restaurant. There were some crazy waits in Tommorrowland even the TTA has a long line.

Wandering up to Fantasyland the crowds lightened up a bit and we were able to ride Snow White's Scary Adventure without a problem. I still remember this ride from my first trip to Disney at 6, but don't always take the time to ride it. It is closing in May and I wanted to make sure I relived it one more time. It was as creepy as ever and did not disappoint.

We decided to settle down and relax for a bit and found a great area next to Big Thunder Mountain that overlooked Tom Sawyer's Island and gave us a new perspective on the parade. I also got this cool creepy shot of the Haunted Mansion.

Some other highlights were meeting Mickey and Minnie in Pajamas after a long, long wait, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Phineas and Ferb and seeing the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game played. It had huge lines most of the night so we didn't play ourselves but it is one my list for my next trip.

Phineas and Ferb in Tomorrowland
Inside the Fairy Meet and Greet

I tried to catch as many shots of Cinderella's Castle in different colors as I could. My favorite was the plain cream light but I never managed to catch. Somehow whenever the shutter closed, I got purple! I ended up with about 10 extra purple shots! I think the blue is gorgeous. Which is your favorite?

We managed to stay until 4:30 and then had to leave so I could make it home on time. It was a great experience and I am very glad I went.

Final thoughts-

  • Overnight crowds were cool. Everyone we meet was polite and in good spirits. Even when the parks were crowded it was one of the better experiences I have had in the Magic Kingdom.
  • If you are hungry enough, you will eat a loaded Chicago style dog or chili dog from Casey's at 1:30 am. I'll leave it to you to guess which was mine and which was my friends.
  • Wait for Minnie an Mickey in pajamas was long but worth it. I think WDW did not anticipate how popular they would be.
  • Magic, Memories and You! is always worth seeing.
  • Disney buddies are the best.
 For more great pictures of our night, check out Intercot's Facebook page or follow @Intercot on Twitter and search for the live tweets from the evening or should that be morning?

And now time to catch up on my sleep.

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