Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So Long Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey Switch

Recently I had one of those "my baby is growing up too fast" moments. It wasn't the first and I am sure it won't be the last.

The last year has been a big year. My son entered kindergarten and turned 6. I've moved  from baby clothes and sippy cups to Sketchers and sport bottles with only a few pangs of sadness. Well,maybe more than a few. A few months ago he even lost his first tooth, followed quickly by two more. I should be an old pro by now. Yet, this time was particularly poignant. This time, my son told me he was too old.

I suppose I should have seen the signs. When his 6th birthday approached, we discussed themes for his birthday. We were going to Disney World to celebrate. ( I'm sure that is a big surprise to those who have read my blog before.) When I asked him what he wanted on his cake, he immediately said Mickey Mouse and the Clubhouse gang. Not a surprise since after more trips than he can count to Disney World, he still wants to meet Mickey each trip. Next, we turned to his school celebration. Cupcakes and goody bags were planned. When my husband suggested Mickey Mouse goody bags, the response was withering.

 "Mickey Mouse is not cool enough for school."  So Sponge Bob it was for school.

One of his other milestones has been learning to read. I was clearing space on our DVR, getting rid of all those shows that no one ever watches that are hogging room. My son looked at the screen and pointed. "Right there, you can delete that. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I'm too old for that."

The shock must have shown on my face for a moment later he said, "I'm not too old for Mickey Mouse, but I'm too old for the Clubhouse. That's for babies."

I know it may not seem like much. Kids move through likes and trends in a blink of an eye. (I have a whole tub of neglected Bakugan that can attest to that.) We've said good bye to lots of television shows. Little Einsteins, Max & Ruby, Imagination Movers and many others have all moved from high priority records to don't bother, but Mickey was special.

We watched Mickey together every day. We never missed the Playhouse Disney (now DisneyJunior) show at Hollywood Studios. He learned to count with Mickey, colors, basic math and so much more. For several months when he was having trouble sleeping, we watched Mickey last thing each night so he would go to sleep with happy thoughts. He would fall asleep clutching his stuffed Mickey, then get up early enough to watch Mickey before we went to preschool.

Now Mickey had been replaced by Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and Octonauts and I was sad. Sad that my son was passed those fun preschool years. Sad knowing that I would have many more of these moments. Sad that I didn't have an excuse to watch Mickey anymore. Then my four year old daughter sat down and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She excitedly called out the answers to the questions Mickey posed. My son got off the computer and joined in giggling over the silliness as Pete made the Clubhouse float away by saying the wrong magic world. And all was right in the world for a moment.

 A few days later while cleaning our play room, my son came to me again and pointed to two very special toys. "I think I might be too old for Buzz and Woody."  Oh no. Not again!

So long Mickey and thanks for the memories.

Does anyone else have an attachment to a show your child watched? How do you cope with your child growing up? Any favorite preschool shows? Anyone else afraid to get rid of toys after watching the Toy Story movies?


  1. I don't have kids, so I really can't comment on the emotions involved here but it did amke me sad to hear he was too old for BUzz and Woody. I don't think we're too old for Buzz and Woody!!!

    1. We will never be to old for Buzz & Woody! I am hoping he meant he is too old to bring Buzz and Woody on every trip to Disney. They come along with Mickey, a Duffy Bear and a Pound Puppy I had as a child and gave to him.

      My kids watch a movie every day on the way to school. Usually takes about a week to finish one. I think we need to revisit Toy Story!