Friday, February 3, 2012

I need a fairy

I hadn't truly thought about fairies in many years until in the last month I had discussions with two different people about the fairies we wanted in our life and the fairies( or gremlins) messing things up behind our backs. It got me thinking about fairies again.

When I was younger I had a very strong interest in the "little people". Fairies, gnomes, gremlins, brownies and many more were fascinating and very real creatures for me. I had a copy of  A Field Guide to the Little Peoplejust in case I need to identifiy one. I even read my copy of   Gnomes over and over so I would be prepared if one came to live in my yard. I spent many wonderful years immersed in these stories and believing in a world where anything was possible.

Now, the fairies of my childhood were beautiful and often scary creatures with vast powers who were as likely to be dangerous as they were to help you.

The fairies in my life now tend to be happy, helpful fairies, often found in Disney movies. Tinker Bell (who is much nicer than in her Peter Pan days) her Pixie Holow friends, fairy godmothers as well as the most traditonal childhood fairy- the tooth fairy are what most people think of when they of fairies.

So these are fairies, my friend and I  thought of when we discussed what fairies we needed in our life. I personally could really use a housekeeping fairy and maybe a chef fairy. And maybe I'll throw in a garden gnome for good measure. Oh, and I wonder if there is a make the kids go to bed on time fairy?

Did you you believe in fairies when you were a child? Did you have a favorite fairy or other magical being? Does pixie dust still make you smile? What fairy would you love to have in your life?


  1. Barbie apparently has 2 fairy stylists. I'm not that bad off, bu in order, how about:
    general cleaning
    hair stylist

    I don't remember specifically believing (or not) in fairies other than the tooth fairy, but I remember the day I realized that Wonder Woman wasn't real -- and suddenly all the superheroes and other magical beings were relegated to imagination only. But I still read fantasy, so that's ok. Maggie just finished, and now I'm reading The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making.

  2. I forgot about the stylists fairies. I wouldn't be greedy, I'd settle for one. Babysitter fairy has potential too and maybe just spring for a full out nanny fairy.

    I don't remember when I learned certain things were not real, but I have to admit for something like fairies or gnomes, I like to keep a little part of me that says but "what if". And I'll even admit to walking a little faster on a night with a full moon. : )